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SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-300 CPU 314 6ES7314-1AG14-0AB0

SIEMENS SIMATIC S7-300 CPU 314 6ES7314-1AG14-0AB0

SIMATIC s7-300, CPU 314 central processor with MPI, integrated power supply 24V DC, working memory 128 KB, need micro memory card

Part Number: 6ES7314-1AG14-0AB0

Condition: New & Original


WarrantyOne Year

Delivery date: 5-7 days after payment

Product features:

SIMATIC s7-300, CPU 314 central processor with MPI, integrated power supply 24V DC, working memory 128 KB, need micro memory card.

Siemens ag in Germany. Its modular structure, easy to realize distributed configuration, high cost performance, strong electromagnetic compatibility, good anti-shock performance, make it become an economic and practical solution in a wide range of industrial control areas.

Product feature editor

· modular small and medium-sized control systems for low performance requirements

· cpus of different grades are available

· different types of extension modules can be selected

· up to 32 modules can be extended

· integrated backplane bus within the module

· network connection-multi-point interface (MPI), -profibus or -industrial Ethernet

· access to all modules through programmer PG

· no slot restrictions

· configuration and parameters can be set by means of "HWConfig"

Working principle editor

· PLC adopts the method of executing user program in a loop. OB1 is a block of tissue (the main program) that is used for looping, and it can call another block of logic, or it can be interrupted by an interrupt program (the block of tissue).

· after the start is complete, keep looping OB1, where other logic blocks (FB, SFB, FC or SFC) can be invoked.

· loop processing can be interrupted by certain events.

· during loop processing, the CPU does not directly access the input and output address areas in the I/O module, but instead accesses the input/output process image areas (in the system storage area of the CPU) within the CPU

Product features editor

· short cycle and high processing speed

· powerful instruction set (containing more than 350 instructions), which can be used for complex functions

· compact design, suitable for occasions with limited space

· modular structure, more flexible design

· CPU modules with different performance levels are available for selection

· functional modules and I/O modules are optional

· there are module types that can be used in harsh open air conditions

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