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AB allen-bradley  1719 Ex I/O module

AB allen-bradley 1719 Ex I/O module

The 1719 Ex I/O module is a locally safe distributed I/O platform that can be installed in zone 2 or class 1 2 partitions. The platform USES a rack-based I/O design that integrates devices into blast zones via EtherNet/IP to provide maximum efficiency in small Spaces.

Part Number: 1719 Ex I/O module

Condition: New & Original

Brand: AB Allen-Bradley

WarrantyOne Year

Delivery date: 5-7 days after payment

Product features

◾ provide the I/O in order to meet the application requirements, through regional or type I 2 partition installation certification

◾ system integration and integrated architecture, convenient and configuration

◾ EtherNet/IP connections

◾ through user-defined configuration file support RSLogix ® 5000 v24 and higher

◾ provide compact I/O design based on the chassis, power supply is included in the rack

◾ including the DLR adapter and optional power redundancy

◾ all analog module standard HART 7 support

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