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SIMATIC MP 277 10" touch screen multi-functional panel with remanent magnetic memory 10.4" TFT display 6MByte project state memory, project state, WinCC flexible 2005 standard edition SP1

Part Number: 6AV6643-0CD01-1AX1

Condition: New & Original


WarrantyOne Year

Delivery date: 5-7 days after payment

Product features:

SIMATIC MP 277 10" touch screen multi-functional panel with remanent magnetic memory 10.4" TFT display 6MByte project state memory, project state, WinCC flexible 2005 standard edition SP1

SIMATIC MP 277 10" TOUCHMULTI panel with memory 10, 4" TFT display 6 MB user memory configuration: Display screen size TFT screen diagonal 10.4 in size 10.4 inch display screen type TFT, 65536 color grayscale quantity 0 color type color resolution (pixel) ● horizontal image resolution 640● vertical image resolution 480● resolution (width x high, unit: 640 x 480 pixels) backlight low MTBF background lighting (when the temperature is 25 ° C) 50 000 h operation element operation element touch screen operation touch screen/keyboard/mouse bar code reader interface of USB/USB/USB keyboard keys with the LED not to low Numbers input and letters input is low/yes - hexadecimal keyboard is touch screen touch screen yes power supply voltage power supply voltage type DC processor type ARM processor is used for user data 6 Mbyte main memory where the available memory Storage capacity of main memory, * value 128 Mbyte time clock ● type of hardware clock, buffered, synchronizable ● hardware clock (real-time clock) ● cache yes ● synchronizable yes interface 1x RS422, 1x RS485, 1x Ethernet (RJ45)RS 485 number of ports 1USB port 2 x USB multimedia card slot 1x multimedia card slot, • 128mb industrial Ethernet • industrial Ethernet interface 1 x Ethernet (RJ45) protocol support PROFIsafe no PROFIBUS yes protocol (Ethernet) • TCP/IP yes other protocols • protection class and protection class for other bus systems NEMA 4x (in installed state) IP (front) IP65IP (back) IP20 standard, license, certificate certification CE, FM Class I div. 2, UL, cULus, ex-zone 22, NEMA 4x (Enclosure Type4X, Type 12) cULus yes is suitable for the safety function is not used in hazardous areas where explosion-proof area 22 so low FM I class 2 grade yes when installing position vertical without external ventilation environmental requirements * allow Angle + / - 35 ° running low operating temperature 0 ° C to + 50 ° C temperature storage/transport transport, storage - 20 ° C to + 60 ° C relative humidity of the air operations, Operating system Windows CE configuration message display with message system (including buffer and transponder) is process value display (output) is process value (input) is solution management.

6AV6 640-0ba11-0ax0op 73 micro s7-200 series

6AV6 640-0ca11-0ax0tp177 micro touch s7-200 series

6AV6 640-0da11-0ax0k-tp 178 micro s7-200 series

6AV6 641-0aa11-0ax0op 73 monochrome 3 inches

6av6641-0ba11-0ax0op 77A monochrome 4.5in

6av6641-0ca01-0ax0op 77B monochrome 4.5in

6av6642-0aa11-0ax0tp 177A monochrome 5.7 inches

6av6642-0bc01-1ax0tp 177B DP monochrome 5.7 inches

6av6642-0ba01-1ax0tp 177B PN/DP color 5.7in

6av6642-0dc01-1ax0op 177B DP solid 5.7in

6av6642-0da01-1ax0op 177B PN/DP color 5.7in

6av6643-0ba01-1ax0op 277-6 operator panel,5.7 "color Chinese display

6av6643-0aa01-1ax0tp277-6 touch panel,5.7 "color Chinese display

6av6643-0cb01-1ax1mp277-8 touch panel, 8 "64K color Chinese

6av6643-0db01-1ax1mp277-8 touch-tone panel,8 "64K color Chinese display

6av6643-0cd01-1ax1mp277-10 touch panel, 10 "64K color Chinese

6av6643-0dd01-1ax1mp277-10 touch-tone panel,10 "64K color Chinese display

6av6671-1cb00-0ax2 MMC memory card 128 MB for OP77B, OP/TP 177B, MOBILE PANEL 177

6av6671-1cb00-0ax1 MMC memory card 64 MB for OP77B, OP/TP 177B, MOBILE PANEL 177

6av6644-0aa01-2ax0simatic MP 377 12" TOUCH

6av6644-0ab01-2ax0simatic MP 377 15" TOUCH

6av6644-0ac01-2ax0simatic MP 377 19" TOUCH

6av6644-0ba01-2ax0simatic MP 377 12" KEY

6 av6 ax0tp170a ba15 545-0-2

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