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Siemens inverter-G120/S120/V90

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Siemens inverter is a well-known inverter brand developed, produced and sold by Siemens in Germany.

Mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase ac asynchronous motor. And with its stable performance, rich combination of functions,

High performance vector control technology, low speed and high torque output, good dynamic characteristics, overload capacity of ***,

Innovative BiCo (interconnect) functionality and *** flexibility play an important role in the frequency converter market.

Siemens inverter with its strong brand effect, the former Japanese brand inverter in the Chinese market monopoly,

According to the statistics of *** market research institutions, Siemens high and low voltage frequency converters in the Chinese market has been ranked.

Siemens inverter has been used in the steel industry in the Chinese market.

However, at that time, motor speed regulation was mainly based on dc speed regulation, and the application of frequency converter was still an emerging market.

But with the continuous development of electronic components and the maturity of control theory, frequency conversion speed regulation has gradually replaced dc speed regulation,

As the mainstream of driving products, Siemens inverter has achieved super-scale development in this huge Chinese market due to its strong brand effect.

The successful development of Siemens in China's inverter market should be described as the combination of Siemens brand and technology.

The early Siemens inverters we can meet in the Chinese market mainly include SIMOVERT A for current source and SIMOVERT P for voltage source.

These frequency converters also entered the Chinese market together mainly because of the introduction of equipment, and there are still a small number of use,

After that, MICRO MASTER and MIDI MASTER were sold in large quantities in the Chinese market.

And Siemens inverter for a successful series of SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVE, also known as the 6SE70 series.

It not only provides AC inverter for general use, but also provides paper making,

Chemical fiber and other special industries require the use of multi-motor driven dc bus solutions.

And of course Siemens came up with what I personally consider to be a technical failure but a very successful ECO converter in the market,

The technical failure is mainly due to its high failure rate,

Its success in the market is mainly due to its overtaking Fuji frequency converter as the brand in the Chinese market.

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