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Siemens assisted tangrenshen to promote the new enterprise development strategy

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             Siemens assisted tangrenshen to promote the new enterprise development strategy

Siemens and Tangrenshen Group Co., Ltd. (Tangrenshen Group Co., Ltd.) formally signed the consulting project contract. Siemens will contribute to the implementation of the vision of "TRS313 dream pursuit project" of tangrenshen through its comprehensive management consulting methodology, to build an excellent agricultural, animal husbandry and food enterprise of the whole industry chain. Siemens will help tangrenshen decouple and plan its strategic objectives and develop an implementable digital operational strategy and talent training system. The project is the first livestock management consulting project in China won by Siemens' Internet of things services division.

"Digitalization and the Internet of things (IoT) are profoundly changing the world, and companies that actively embrace this transformation will be the shapers of the future development of the industry. I believe this is one of them." Executive vice President of Siemens (China) co., LTD., the Internet of things services department general manager Dr Zhu Xiaoxun said: "Siemens will rely on advanced technology and management in the field of digital consulting experience, provide tang dynasty god from strategy development, prototype design to implementation of the overall service, comprehensive power, its strategic objectives, to realize the leapfrog development of productivity and enterprise benefits."

Under the agreement, Siemens will help tangrenshen in the strategic vision, operational systems and talent development in the overall structure of the organization and set up. On the strategic side, Siemens will help tangrenshen to sort out its long-term business vision and develop a medium - and long-term strategic route to ensure the realization of the long-term vision. In terms of digital operation, Siemens will define the scenario blueprint for future digital operation of tangrenshen and formulate the implementation plan to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement. In terms of talent construction, it will focus on the construction of tangrenshen university and optimize the talent training system from the aspects of strategic positioning, ability model, curriculum system and core curriculum. At the same time, Siemens will also carry out regular tracking and diagnosis, and timely revise and improve the implementation situation, so as to ensure the true implementation of the tang god strategy and promote the continuous improvement of the tang god in business model, organizational model and operation management.

Tao yishan, chairman of Tangrenshen Group Co., Ltd., said, "in 2019, Tangrenshen proposed the 'TRS313 dream project', a strategic plan for the next 12 years. "With nearly two decades of experience in digital strategy consulting and implementation, we hope to work with Siemens to realize the group's long-term business vision and seize the opportunities for accelerated growth and sustainable development in the future."

Siemens Internet services division was established in 2019 on April 1, the division in China has hundreds of consultants, and in Beijing, suzhou, Shanghai, nanjing and guangzhou and other cities have hundreds meibutsu networking design implementation experts, is responsible for the implementation of the Internet of things, from consulting to the enterprise comprehensive digital transformation projects of different scale. Siemens' Internet of things services division develops strategies based on a comprehensive methodology and customizes dedicated digital pathways for Chinese customers by creating, planning and delivering end-to-end solutions across the Internet of things value chain.

Tang renshen is one of the first batch of national key leading enterprises of agricultural industrialization in China. It is committed to the integrated management of the live pig industry chain.

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